ExtINKtion Laser Tattoo Removal

Monique’s Body Art has partnered with the experts at ExtINKtion to bring you advanced laser tattoo removal treatments. As a team of talented artists who loves all expressions of body art, we understand that not all tattoos turn out the way one would hope. Whether you had a bad experience with an amateur artist, grew out of your tattoo and no longer identify with its meaning, are no longer with the ex whose name is on your skin, or simply want to make room for new artwork, laser tattoo removal is the perfect solution.

ExtINKtion is a leading laser tattoo and hair removal provider in Grand Forks, North Dakota who has expanded their clinic by partnering with our Clearwater studio. ExtINKtion uses the latest, most advanced triple wavelength laser technology to effectively remove ALL ink colors safely from all skin types. They, along with the experts at New Look Laser College, the leading laser tattoo removal training program in the world, have trained our laser technicians to ensure our clients receive the safest treatment and best removal results throughout Florida.

Now, Monique’s is able to deliver complete tattoo removal, selective tattoo removal, and fading for cover-up tattoos. If you have unwanted ink that you’ve been wanting to remove, call us today to schedule a consultation.